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Who are we?

We are a not-for-profit focused on improving the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of all, through evidence-based mindfulness and meditation programs and courses.

Mindfulness and meditation

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the mental skill of attention.

To be mindful means to pay attention, or to focus, or to hold something in mind. Mindfulness is a shift from automatic, reactive thought, to conscious, directed thought.

What is Meditation?

A technique that relaxes the body quickly and calms the mind.

Meditation involves two skills. The first is learning to relax quickly and consciously. The second is learning to pay attention and manage thoughts. Relaxation and attention work together. Focusing on the body relaxes it, and the act of focusing assists with managing thoughts and calms the mind.



What does the science say?

Mindfulness and meditation have significant positive effects on a range of health, social and wellbeing outcomes. In children, the practice of mindfulness has been linked to the important developmental milestone of self-regulation – the ability of the brain to interpret and respond to events without being clouded by negative emotional responses that affect decision making, and adversely impact the individual’s physical and mental health.

The Benefits

  • Improve students’ mental health
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Enhance academic achievement and readiness to learn
  • Reduce disruptive behaviour
  • Improve interpersonal relationships

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Our commitment to you..

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of all, our initiatives will continue to include mindfulness and meditation:


Delivery of evidence-based courses, a range of training and development of 'best practice' teaching methods.


Ongoing research, evaluation and development of content, and effective teaching methods.


Partnering with organisations to strengthen their resources and services.


Promoting respect for, and knowledge of mindfulness and meditation.